Shark Fishing

An angler with a shark in Daytona Beach, Florida

There’s plenty of Sharks in Daytona Beach!

Shark fishing in Daytona Beach begins just off the coast! Shark fishing trips are very popular with visitors and fishing guides alike because of the abundance of sharks and their proximity to shore. Shark populations are growing in the waters near Daytona Beach according to many local fishing reports, making shark fishing trips even more productive.

Along the coastline, sharks are feeding just beyond the breakers so there’s no need to travel far to start catching sharks. Shark fishing trips are nearshore usually only about a mile or two off of the beach. Shark fishing trips in Daytona Beach typically need less time getting to where the action is than offshore fishing trips.

Our Shark Fishing Charters are Family Friendly!
Kids are Welcome!

Anglers after a shark fishing charter in Daytona Beach, Florida


1/2 Day Shark Fishing Charter
This is a nearshore fishing charter, usually only about a mile or two off of the beach. You can encounter a variety of sharks such as Atlantic Sharpnose, Blacknose, Blacktip, Spinner, and Hammerhead Sharks.
3 hours
$500 (up to 4 people)
$50 for each additional passenger up to 6 maximum

Policies & FAQs

Everything You Need to Fish is Included!
All of our prices include your fishing license, rod, reels, bait, tackle and fish cleaning. All you need to bring is your food, drinks, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, etc.

Prices Are Based on Four Passengers.
By law we are permitted to carry up to six passengers. However, for your maximum comfort and enjoyment pricing is for four passengers or less.
Each passenger past 4 will be an extra $50.

A 20% deposit is due at booking.

Credit Cards
We accept all major credit cards.
A 3% service fee will be charged for credit card payments.

A gratuity of 15-20%+ is customary for a job well done. All of our prices listed below are cash prices.

Cancellation Policy
Any charter cancelled for weather, at the captain’s discretion, will not be charged. Charters cancelled by the customer more than 5 days prior to their trip will not be charged. Charters cancelled by the customer within 5 days of a scheduled trip will be charged 25% of the cost of the scheduled charter. Customers that do not show up on the day of their scheduled trip will be charged 50% of the cost of their scheduled charter.

Are Children Welcome?
Yes! Our charters are private fishing trips for you and your family and friends! Children and beginners of all ages are welcome. Plenty of room for up to 6 passengers.

Where Do We Depart?
Our Departure Locations are just minutes from downtown Daytona Beach with free public parking available. See Where We Depart

What Do We Need To Bring?
All you need to bring is food, drinks, sun screen lotion, a hat and sunglasses. (We will supply a cooler with ice for your food and drinks or you can bring you own cooler if you like)

You may bring beer and wine but NO glass bottles, liquor or any illegal substances (no matter how minor). We are a FAMILY FRIENDLY fishing charter!

A shark caught on a Daytona Beach shark fishing trip

Many Types of Sharks!

There are plenty of different shark species inhabiting these waters. On a Shark Fishing Trip with Captain Jeff you are most likely to encounter Atlantic Sharpnose, Blacknose, Blacktip, Spinner, Bonnethead and Hammerhead Sharks. There are also Finetooth Sharks, Bull Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Nurse Sharks and other species here. Even Tiger Sharks have been caught in these same waters!

The sharks we catch on our Shark Fishing Trips typically range in size from 3 to 6 feet however much bigger sharks have been caught in the nearshore shark zone! Larger sharks are also encountered on extended offshore fishing charters. The further offshore you go, the bigger the fish!

Sustainable Shark Fishing

Sharks are vital to a healthy marine ecosystem and everyone wants them protected for future generations to experience and enjoy. Fishing regulations are based on extensive data collected by countless professionals and volunteers including fishing guides, and are critical in maintaining healthy and sustainable shark populations.

Captain Jeff strictly abides with all state and federal shark fishing regulations and knows which sharks are “Keepers” and which are “Catch and Release”.

Catch & Cook

Captain Jeff also knows which sharks are good eating! The most common sharks we hook, the Atlantic Sharpnose, Blacknose, Blacktip and Spinner sharks are all “keepers” and great choices for a fresh seafood dinner. Captain Jeff will clean and filet your catch for you.

You can bring your catch-of-the-day to a local seafood restaurant that will have it cooked and served. A great way to enjoy a Florida fishing and dining experience!
See Catch & Cook Restaurants

These sharks will make a tasty dinner
Anglers with sharks in Daytona Beach

Shark Week is Every Week in Daytona Beach!

Daytona Beach and it’s neighbor New Smyrna Beach both have reputations as “The Shark Bite Capital of the World”. That’s because Florida has long had the world record for the most unprovoked shark attacks beating all the other shark hot spots like Hawaii, Austrailia and South Africa.

And Volusia County, home to both Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach, has long held the record for the most unprovoked shark attacks in Florida! So the two biggest beach towns in the county both have a claim according to the International Shark Attack File, the only database of sharkbites worldwide.

Actually, shark attacks are very rare averaging about 25 a year in Florida and rarely fatal so go ahead and enjoy your swim but don’t venture out too far!